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3---------------------- 3 murder on thh inner harbor. hee pickee up the bottle anddhe swung the reason he says he had to kiil.---------------------- ----------------------we'd like justice to start, like him to return, have his day ii court." he's on theeruu and -3taunting cops. why marrland pplice can't touch thii ---------------------- 3 hines ward gettsbusted. what he wws doing to enn up in jail and how it cculd impact the - ravens home opener..--------------------- ---------------------- a public prrmise to baltimmre and fox 45 that it would get cleaneddup. but toddy, they broke their word. why neighbors aaen't surprised thh pity doesn't care about them..--------------------- 3
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3 good evening, i'm jeff abell. pabell. and i'm karen parks. we starr ttnight with breaking eww. a hotee is -3 on firr in catoonville & weee able to rescue everyone nside. & tephens is live there with & phe latest. latest. p3 33 3 & p3 & 3 -3
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3 police make an arrest in a fourth of july murrer at the 3 steehens is tracking today's new developmeets. developments. 3 this is the photo police say led to the arrest of a & susppcted killlr. 14413 we would like to thank that one citizzn who did the right - thing byygiving us that one cruciil piece oofevidence peeddddto ccose thii ccse - -3 that photograph 22 today police arrested 32-year-old marcus haarii of baatimore - joe calo of labama. stabbed call in theeneck with a broken bbttle... during a fight jull fourth at the inner involvementtwith the ight other thannit wassnow being --3 broughttto him 17but harris' kids watching he fireworks - when hh gottcaught in the middle of a beef that started earlier that night between his friend and calo. meade says 3 ppotect himself and his fivv year old son --who was shooed - during the chaos. 309 he acted
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was afraii for his childrrn, he was afraid for imself. so he picked up thh bottle and he swung 19meade says harris had no ideaahe injured calo r that police wereeeven llokinn for him... until he saw his &piccure on the news. that's when she says he called herr ... to turn himmeef in. 8:04 mr. harris has done nothing 3 devvstated about it. this was never hiisintennion 13 but or lindssy reilly - the mother of calo's one-year-old daughter - 3 compare tooher own. :36 i'' just hurt because my little ask e whatthappenee tooher ddd 41 we spoke o reelll - earlier this week. today... oovrrthe phone she said this pboou harrrs' arrest: " i don't waat to say i'm happy bbeause it's not oing to - bring joe bbck.. "now it's jjst a matter oo gettinn im put in prison for what he did... it's a damn shamethat marylandddoesn't have the death penalty."
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3 peilly was referring to the morratrium on the ddath penalty in maryllnd. harris' attorney says he was not drinking that nnght... and has no crimiial recorddlivv at the inner harbor, mss foxx5 news at enn 3 a four yyar old is back home afttr he as struck by a bullet that same night. night. poliie believe someone fired their gun in the aar at the iiner harbor. and whhe the bullet fell, it struck the chill's leg.... because of the area wheee the bullet wasslodged, doctors were nnt able to remove it.. 33 p3&panother violent attack in downtown baltimoreeends with the death of a 255year old man. 3& morning here at thee &ppntersection of charles ann fayetteestreets. -3 ssreets.police tell uu the victim was tabbed in the legg duringgan aagumenn... he 3 detectivessareennw siiting -3 through cittwatch cameras as they search for a suspect. 3 & thh hunt is on for this man. -3 7 year old mellinnsmith. he's wanteddfor the murder his girlfrienn in fredereick yeeteedaa. police say smith shot hhs girlffiend sevveaa timee at the interreccion of orchard ttrrace and hill streett -3 yysterday. fficers ffund her body inside a vehiccee if yyu have any informaaion
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aboot mith's wheeeabouts, police want youuto call them at 301-600-2102, your anonymouu tip could be worth a -3 reward. he's wanned for murdering an amerrcan universsty professor. but the uspect has fled to his native mexico... and now refuses to returr.but melinda rooeer reports he'' not only hiding... he's also taunting - internet. 3& melinda:jorge landerossis known assa stock-trader, yoga teachee... even a poet. but now, this fugitive is taking as he boldly taunts ddteccives... baak here in -3 maayland....investigating his ex-girlfriend's brutal urder. -----------------investigators say landeros had a relationship ith a popullr accounting professoo at marcum.the couple made lucratiie nveetments - together... and he was the - sole beneficiiry of her &phhlf-million ddllar life & insurrncc policc.tte ppssiile & motive - in her brutal murder inside her home last ctober. pshe was hit with some force - somewherr on her body. sse was also choked to death, according toothe
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medical - examiner."after tte murddr, laaderos moved to el aso, texas. according to an afffdavit ootained by ccn, landerro gaveea d-n-a samplee tt police there -- and it &pmatchessd-n-a found on the & but then, investigatorsssay, landeros kiiped across thee border tt juarez, exiio. there's now an interpol arreet warrant for im, and the f-b-i's filed a criminal suspect in marcum's murddr. -3 panneros has not only refused to come back to the u-s bbt it appears he's tauntiig poliie. the washington post obtained a -3 recent e-mail from landerossto -3 an el paso dettctive, wwh'd asked to meet with him.----- grrphic ------of ourse you 3& the samm bridge, in the & oppositeedirection, and meet & me at saaborn's, a great cafe and we an talk shop all you - on a sunday. we can have brunch. it will of course be my treat. yours, jorge." landeros even corrects the deteetives' grammar when he
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arrogaace they find both -3 frustrattng... and harmful to the case."it's causing us some & hield of an international -33 border to delay and ssow thiss process. we'ddlike justice to have his day in ccurt." 3 mmlinda tag:landeros has denied killinn sue ann marcum. he says he wasn't even in hee u-- at the time of her murder. policc are now tryinggto work out an extrrdition ddal with mexiccn auuhoritiessmelinda &proeder, fox 45 newssat ten. 3&p tonight the fbi is pouring through facebook pages and email accounts in their searcc for the killerrof 166yyarrold barnes. tth warrants claim she & r someone around her was somehow involled in child pornoggaphy. pornographh. one of the -33 email accouuts may belong to michael johnson who dated -3 phylicca's half sisttr parties close to this case, say there issvideo captured on & cell phones that show phylicia baltiiore partially cloohed and appearing intoxicated. a
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former federal proseeutor says if that's true... it would certainly be enough ppobable cause to obtain these recent search warranns. 3 11:43:00 ann they're hoping that outtof all the informatiin they get that some of that informatiio will be rellvant i tryinn to figure barnes :11 :11 3 there are two crimess... & agents suspectthhve been and possession of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of a child. 3 the time f her disappeerance. 3 & p3 reports of sex crimes are up pn baltimore, ut the mayor says that's aacuallyy ood neww. the jjmp in umbers isn't an actual spiie in crime & it'' a spike in reporting whiih isstte first step to figgting backk the 50 peecenttin baltimore, because police are taking them seriously. you're saying that thee -& numberssare 50 percent up and & that's a good thing, by having more the nubmers up means thht &ppeople feel more comfortable
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numbers ccme down and come - down in a real way. 3&p to start this focus on pooice reassigned eiiht of thee detectives. they then 3 put them all through specializeddrape prosecution traiiing. p3 jil officials can't exxlain it ut somehow, theyy rrleased an accused drug dealer by mistake. 3 officers rellassd this man, &phasen chhmpion f west baltimore he was being held at central booking whill awaiting trial on drrg phargess chhmpion is five foot six nd weighs 150 -3 pounns. if you've seen hhm, call 911.. a fourteen year old girl - by a car innwwodlawn.. he inciient hhppened ust beforr 9:30 last night as the girl was atttmpting to crosssroute 440 so far, the driver f 3 charred. . 3 poliie are getting clossr to the aamed man who took a sledgehammer to their mobbll & speed camera. camera. 3 thhs wws the scene oo wednesday. a 60 year ood
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man wwlked out of the oodssonn thh bbw parrway armed with a shotgun and a sleege hammer. he apped the glass from behind and sent the opeeaaor in tteejeep running for cooer. he then smassed the windshield with his sledgehammee and eturned to phe woods. swat teams shuu down the eenire parkway and combed the arra for hours. tonight, police say they have new wittesses that have comee forward with betterrtiip.. they also ssy the cuuprit maa have left behind finger prints. a week go, we showed you an overgrown city lot n weet baltimore and the city'' promise to ccean it upp ttnight, ww follow up.... and janice park discovers whetter he cityykept its ppomise. 3 last wwek...ira booker approacced us with a problem: problem:"i get up in the mooring get some frrsh air, pnd what am i looking at ? a lot full offgrass and weeds!" &pthe city is ooliggted o take care f their lots 00days from the first 311 all.booker beegn calling 331 relentlessly starting maa 21st...our story aired saturday...along with
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this response froo he city: ciiy:"here is the promise &ppublic works. the neaa uture in terms of exx week. is thaat nearrenouuh? how much nearer,,haha" & hhha""and here we are one week later and nothing has been done. the grass hasn't been cut, tte weeds haven't een cut and everytting still towers about 6 ffee ttll" tall""well a weee later, here we aree as he promised, ii is not donee done""his ppomise wws very sarcaatic, his tone wasn't like he wanted you off his back" back""as far as i'm concerned, if he's ot keeppng his promiie, he shouldn't be in his job"on anyygiven day... caa see the residents on north up: uppneighbors say seeinggthe city blatantly iggorr it's responsibillty....- responsibility..."when will you cut the grass??whhn will the city get around o doing their job"is especially &pfrustratiig since they know hhw nice it caa lookk look::so the oo one the kids can play, get some of their energy out, the bbttom oneenot even animals come throughhffrr a minute, ww were hopefuly the deeartment offpublic works had showee up: up:"white truck? white truck,
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is thaa it,,i seeethe little -3 yellow thing on top"but...the -3pgrass was still ánot cut.ira vote for mayor in citt lot...and all it's weeds, on his minn::- mind:"she is not my favorite -3 person"janicc parkk fox 45 news at en. 3 another overgrown loo on west layfayette did get cleaneddup on fridayy. - 3 -3&p3 p baltimore coontt is still picking up the pieces after severe storms innlictee heevy damage. the ffooding wws &pbad but the high iids were worse. the roof as ripped 33 dundalk on foor season court leaviig many hommees. trees knocking ut powerrtt hundreds national weaahhr service -3investiggted repprts offffnnel clouds but there werr no confirmed tornadoes 3 ann when it comes neighborhood... see ii.. hoot it.. enn it. you cannuuload photos and videos
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to our ebsite. go o foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can alss send ppotts direetly from your 3 i'm joy leeola. we haveenew suspectt on the wheel of justice. findd out wheee it stops... and whoo & will bb highlighted.. next. - what diddyou do wwih her body, & if anything? whoowas in on it with you?" you?" casey anthony may hhve beaten her mrrer charge, buu her legal troubles aren't over.. why she maa still have to testify, &punner oath, abbut caylee's -3 deeth. 3& hh'ssknoww for running igh risk routee over 3 the middle. tonight, why police are harging ines ward & with aahigh risk crime and how it could impact te ravens -3&
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figgting back against crime. & a single tip from you could help police catch a & criminal. joy - lepola is hereewithhthis week'sswhhel of justice. justicc. p3& one of these four - susseets could end up behind bars onight. we'rr ssinning the wheel of justicc. the heel determines which suspect we highlight... and &pyou can call in with tipp. tips. 21-year old 3 karen blaccshear is wanted for domestic assault. pt happeeed hhre.. on north gilmor street.... about a -3blook north of presstman sttret. police front door of her girlfriend's house.. ann attacked her.
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21:08:05 she also states that blackshear's been stalking her. omeonn shot at her 3 like ms. blackshear is behind ttese incidents.pooice haven't been able to find blackshear... but they say the domestic assault isn'' the fiist ccrme she's een accused pf.21:08:25 she does have this one. she ssno strrnger 3 and ww're definitely trying to get her off the streets. streets. 3 yyu can help put karre blackshear behind barr. if yyu have any 3 at 410-633-8970. we'll be 3 suspects.. and anothee spin off the wheel offjusticc. 3 the jurrrs in the casey public scrutiny over their decision. decision.takk a look at this sign -- posteddat "skyline 3 saying "pinnllas county jurors - not welcome."the restaaraat owner ssys he ants is ccstomers to know where he -3 stands on the controversial verrict. 3&p all of my employeee felt the
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ssme way. whee we heard the perdict, we err shocked." phocked.""the sign saassthe juryys noo welcome, that's release the names of thee&juroos who found casey anthony -3& nottguilty in the death of her daaghter. 3 casey anthony will soon be a free oman but she won'' be free from legal problems. & she's nnw facinggcivil action.... and s kristen wright xplains, she could e forcee to answer more questions about her dauggters deett. deaah. 3 we till don't know what 3 anttony. her mothee casey at first blamed her daughter's disappearance on a -3 baby sitter, "zannyy the anny. it's been 31 days."dispatcher sayy"who has her? do ou havee a name?"c. anthony says: "her name is zeeaada fernandez-gonzalez"dispatccer --3 saas: "who is that? - babysitttr?"c. anthony says: "she's been my nnnny." turred out,,casey lied. buu there was a reaa pzenaida gonzzlez", a perfect -3 stranggr to the anttony -3 faaily. gonzalez sued.
10:20 pm
everrsince she accuseddme of being my nanny. i kinda lost p was living at. they didn't want e being there because & they thouuht iiwas a kidnapperr" gonzalez and hee lawyer had casey subpoened tuesday in jaii. after never taking the stand in the & criiinal trial, casey may be forced to talk at a dposition ffr the civil suit july nnieteenth..organ saas::"we're goinn to ask her questions like when was the last tiie yoo saw caayee. what haapened & anything after caylle died? &pwhht did you do wth her body, if anything? who wws in on it the anthony family was deposed ii tte zenaidaagonzalez civil case in two-thousand-nine. things got hheted.cindy anthony says: "it was c.. 3& zenaida fernandee gonzalez. no, no." gonzalez' 3 stumbled uuonngonzalez' nnme at an apartment complex they both visited, thee used it - in herrweb of liessmorgan her theyyweeen'' looking for any zenaida gonzalez ttey were
10:21 pm
&plooking for this zenaida gonzalez."gonzalez says: "i want o hear froo her thaa i had nothing o do - i want for &pittto come out of her mouth." 3 3 anthonyywwll bb releasee from jail next sunday.... phere's sttll no word where she plans to live. 3 3 the sttelers have bigger problemssthhn the lockouu. ptheir golddn boy and star wide recciver hines ward, was arrested ffr drunk driving. driving. 3 georgia poliie cuffed tte nfl &&pearly this mmrning, apparently prunk behind the wheel. the ssper bool mvp is goong too pace someehaash punishmentt from the league once they reach a deal. he may ave to sit ouu the home opener &pagainst the ravens r even more games if he's foundd guilty. coming uu in sports, morgan aasit eeplains..... if he beats the chargee the puniisment from the leaaueecoulddbe the biigest hit ees taken on or 3 field. 3&p he weather as perfecttto pet the big bbys play with -33 some evee bigger truuks. trucks. natz truck ennine roars, jumps
10:22 pm
jumpss local accion sports suuerstarrand all-around &padreealine junkie,travvs pastrana was competing in and t bank stadium tonight. monster jam was a huge hit pith the fans, leavinggttem screammng for more. pastranaaand his nitro ccrcuu monster truck pushed the envellpp duringgthe free style pompetttioo. and yess you -& can make aa onnter truck o - backflips. 3 those truuks ore through clear skies skies will tomorrowwbe another great day tt bb ouusidee chief meteorologist vytas reid is trackiiggit all wwth your skywatch forecast. foreccst.
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3 you can be in charge f your own -3 personalizzd forrcast. -3 i-radar ii now avaiiable at oxbaltimore dot com. se the iiteractive tools to track coming storrs down to your street. go to foxbaltimore dott om slash i-radar &p3 there are ew questions tonight aabut the fateeof acorn.... is the community group makiig comeback? federal funding last yeer ccughh aaorn emppoyees teaching otters how to circumvent federal laws. acorn fileddfor bankruptcy last year...buttnow a new grouppcalled "ahcoa" has
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&psurffced..... nd the affoodable houuing ceeters of ameeica.... has the same addrrss and taa i-d nummer as ''cornnhousing'.... and it recently receiied an 80- thousand dollar federal grant. 3 3&pwall street fiistt main street last policies that hhve drrven our economy in a ditch." ditch." and it's a huge problem for president & ooama and his hopes for reelectioo. where political analysts think the prrsident is most vulnerabll and a sneak 3 formula for their perfect candidate. & 3 we all know how good he is -3 on the field, but how's he going to tackle marriage. & a ffrst look at the flaccc's &pwedding photos and why his wife may be wwth him on thee -3 gridiron soon.
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3 therr's a gooddchance you 3 their joo. this economy is hhiting millioos of americans where it urts. hurts. unemploymentt continues to be a ajor - problem for illions of americansa&and president 3 so, tonight we ask,,who can -3 as patrick mcmurtry reports, it may take a eefeet campaign. pkg scriptwwen hen presidential candidatt barack obama made his successful, last minute push in the days leadiig p to thh 2008 election,,he cootinued to remind voters the economy was tte main issueeand he prooised change."our failing gdp is
10:28 pm
directtresult of a failed eecnomic theory of 88years of trickle down, wall street economy in a ditch."things have changed, but peehaps, not in the way mr. obama had are way up...urrentty over 9 percent, uppmore than 35 3 elected. and the economy is down, too, not onny in the minds of investors, but to aa who remain unconvinced the country is puulinggoot of a -3 major recession. that's -3 something repuulicans will & have to capitalize on if thee're toowin the white house &pback next yeer."the interestiig fact that the ompeting plan on the economy is, this election will be a eferendumm -3 on president obama's plan and the congressional ddmocrats plan more thaa a referendum n propooingg"vottrs will likely get all they want from a very
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3 isswidely consideeed the front runner and the recenttenttyyof tea arty favorite michelle bachman has drawn a llt oo interest. tim pawlenty is expecteddto do well in thh newt gingrich has high name recognition coupled with very reggstered voters. the wild cards could be two people who haven't officiaaly eeteredd he race, texas governoo rick & perrr and sarah palin.evva osborne comes from a family of pooitical consultants nn he says the winner will be the political consultant>"if i -&pwere a republicann i would say give me one term aad if at the end of one term youure not satisfieddwith he ob i've done, you havv the chanceeto vott mm out of office.. economy nd stagnant pnemployment will be tough. &puniversity of maryland thhir decades old mantra of cutting taxes to stimulate - thhs economy.
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3pnow would take thh deficit over $2 trillion, t will cause ur bond rating to & plunge and our borrowing rate to rise, thhn e'lllhave the ssow motion, that grrece has." without thh core value of thee 3likely sppnd thh next yearr wiil resonate with voterr undecided bbock. i'm patrick mcmurtry reporting. the ational journal'ssmatttew & a republican to beaa ooama & -if- the economm improvessany and there areeno majjr stumbles in dealing wiit world crises..- crisee.but, if it happens, he sayssall of these characteristiis have to be in place.musttbe charismatic.mmstt be a good communicatoo.must be 3 must be able to connect wiih younggr voters. & poters. one analyst we spokk wiih said that the best hope offa candiiaae easily beating obama would be a combinatton pf mitt romneya. andddooald 3 3 a dearrng jail break leads &pto hardened cciminalssdriving
10:31 pm
out of prison. hoo they 3& guards. 3 flacco takee t he &pmarriage field. we have his wedding photos, and you mighh wonder.... wwy his center and other teamates might be jealous when they &pcome out. 3 3 3-
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3 3
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3 baltiiooe's quarterback jooe flacco tied theeknot a ew weeks ago with is high schooo sweetheart. nowwwe have hiss &pweedinggphotos. couule in their wedding attire - on the pier. thee showed off their sense of humor with 33d glasses anddmovie theaterr popccrn, maybe they''e watching aahorror filmmaaout the nfl lockoou? evvn with the cermenony, joe managed to get n ome praatiie, his wife, ana playing ceeter. 3 wwlking down the aisll, mr nd mrs. flacco. compared to & marriagee leading our ravens to theeplayoffs ill be easyy&3
10:37 pm
3 youucaa see all the photos on our facebook page....... 3- 3 get this... ou areeabout to pitness an escaae from a texas jail.ttose two prisonerr are waattng for other inmates to sttgeea figgt and distracc the guards in another room.when the officers opee the door to go and break it up... the prrssners barre ii...fight ff the guards... aad mke it to an esccpe car.but it just got them more time, both of those guys were back in jaal 3 days laaer. 3& a deeroit gas statton... -&pcan't figure out.. why it'ss - losing housands of ggllons in fuell. ffr more than a surveillance - video... sslves the mystery... and it's all tied ttotths man... watch losely before &pgoing inssde tt grab ssacks... he repositions hissvan ... &priiht over a gas tank in thee groond.what yyu don't see... is an accomplice hard at worr &pinside .. using a hose to puup gas through a hole in theevan ... p -3 3 "these are professional whoo
10:38 pm
are doing this, this is unbelievable howwthey were ddong it from underneath theirrcar." car." (ttis sot ccveree)"we haae o put a car on top of theetank we have to protect ourself noww we havv tt protect our busiiess."" 3 3 11-thousann gallons of gas were stolen over several trips... that dds up to about 45-thousand dollars. 3& 3 3 thomas says: "hhpefflly that works." wooks." ,3 otherwise a lot f people are going to have lot of water amage we put lex seaa's xtraordinary prommsee -3 tt thh deallor duu test,,how it performed and if you need to havv it in your tool box.
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3 a hotel is on ire in catonsville. we've been trrcking this story for you throughout tte show. show. myranda sttphens &is live therr with the laaest. latest. 3 33 3 3 3 3 3 3&p have a rack
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3 have a rack or hole somewhere in your homm ttat peeds repaii? now, oneesealant promises o help you through your ough pptches.. megan gilliland putt the flex seal, to the deal or dud test. 3 flex seal claims ii's the easyy but doos this ppoduct let & cracks? 3 doesswater pour into your thomas says: "it has corroded pown at the bottom and the 3 the utter and ttseems to mee pikk more s coming out of the &pa ccack like that, flee seal &ppromises to patch youu p with no prep work required. nats::
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& "the eass ayyto coat, seal & and stop leeks fast. get the instantly fills crackk and hooes. topping the toughess llaks while remaining complettly flexible."ww put flex seal tt the deal oo dud test.thhmas ays: "well i hope it seals t up and keepp the 3 says: "it sounds like paiit." just spray the flex seaa on - the area hat's leaking. it goes on like spraa paint, which can mean a mmss.thomas says: "one thing... be verr pcreful cause it can get messy."then wait. 24 hours to ccme back, there seemed to be a hole ii the plan.the watee streams through that caac. &pmaybe another layer will do the trick. homas saas: "hopefully thaa orks."thomas says: "it ddesn't seem to be leaking out of the guuter. or piddsome just start coming out riggt now?"so for 22 bucks, is ttis worth it?thomas says::"it -3 seemed to work, paatially. i think in perfect scenario... aaflat surface with a crack thht you're able to sprayy &pthree or four times, i thhnk it would work welllso is it a & deal or a dud?thomms says: "we're going to say a deal-ud." deal-ud."
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for more on flex seal, log on to fox baltimore dot com slaah news links. -33 pinks.megan gilliland.. fox45 news at ten. 3 the next american idol... cculd be from charm city. city. áá2 singersáá singersáá - 3 foo45 morniiggneww.. and al packer's white marsh ford hosted "balttmore idol" this week. singers - from across the aaea llned up beforeedawn to get the chance to ing in front of our judges. one of them will win the title of 3 guaraateed aadition at the ameriian idol tryouts in pittsburgh nexttweek. be ure to watch fox45 morning news on monday to see whh is "baltimore's idol". &p3 3 "histooy with an exclamation point" p3pderek jeter gets his p-thousandth hit... why it was so dramatic... next in sports
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3 the orioles send down one of their young players... players... 3.morgan adsit joins us now in who's going to theeminorr... morgan... 33 coming p tonight oo ports unlimited... unlimited...zach britton's gooe more ways than pne way...britton off to pooble-a balll..but his for being demotee....the 33thousand hit club gets its 28th member...see how derek jeeee aae baseball hiitory.... and one of the ravens biggest rivaas in trouble with the it's not ben roethlisberrer...sports unlimited ssartt riihh now... 3 a day affer coming off his worst career start...orioles pitther zach britton haa to pack his bags...ffr the inorrleagues. leagues.the o's demooiig heir ssrprise...but will suit & britton well with the all-star break approachiig..he can get his feet back under him.... &pof an inning last night 3&ptheeminors 20 days...he'll be under the 's

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